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Learn how Health & Wellness organizations are using appointment automation to steamline operations.

Online scheduling for healthcare providers.

If patient care is your priority, then providing a modern way for patients to schedule encounters is step #1.  Let patients schedule an appointment from your web site, your patient portal, or from personalized emails, and automatically be matched with the right provider, based on skills, availability, and more.

  • Immediate assignment.
  • No human error.
  • Maximize provider efficiency.
  • Increase team happiness index by balancing work loads.

Auto matchmake patients with the right providers.

Powerful auto-assignment modes ensure patients get properly assigned to the right provider, based on a number of factors.

  • Criteria – I need a provider who is X and Y.
  • Skill I need a provider with X skill.
  • Service – I need a provider who offers A service.
  • Location – I need a provider who works at location A.
  • Next AvailableI need the soonest available provider.
  • Round-Robin – I need the next provider in line.
  • Load-Balance – I need the provider with the most appointment openings.
  • Priority – I need a “priority 1” provider.

Reduce No-Shows by up to 50%.

SUMO’s powerful 3-channel reminder engine ensures patients show.

  • Text message reminders.
  • Automated email reminders.
  • Automated phone reminders.

Outbound -> Send Appointment Invites

Often it’s important to schedule a follow-up appointment.  Schedulers or providers can email “Appointment Invites” to patients with a link to self-schedule an appointment with the provider.

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