Marketing Teams

Generate sales appointments directly from your mass email campaigns.

Give sales what they want: More Leads!

If you could deploy software that directly put more qualified appointments on your sales team’s calendars, wouldn’t you?

  • Increase lead volume.
  • Increase lead to appointment time.
  • Increase team productivity.
  • Improve marketing and sales alignment.

The new call-to-action is a Schedule Button.

Why send mass emails where the call to action is to fill out a form?  People hate filling out forms.  Why not let people immediately self-schedule an appointment with your sales or onboarding staff?

  • Increase appointment volume by up to 70%.
  • Increase conversion rates by up to 33%.
  • Be more competitive.

Compatibility with Marketing Apps.

SUMO is compatible with most mass email marketing apps that are integrated with the Salesforce platform, enabling you to include a “Schedule Now” button in your mass email campaigns.

The Value of Appointment Automation.

NOTE: In surveying our customers, we’ve learned the value of SUMO can be as great as:


More Appointments



More Revenue



More Productivity


Less No-Shows

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