Many retail, software and equipment companies offer warranties, maintenance or updates for their products. Who is it that is responsible for making sure these services happen for the customer? Whether it is the customer or the company that must set up a service appointment, the process of contacting a person and finding a mutually agreeable date and time is highly manual and can extend the time it takes to get a customer serviced.

Hassle-free scheduling and rescheduling

Everyone’s schedule is busy these days, and your customers are no exception. With automated scheduling, customers can easily see available times and sign up for the slot that works best for them. It only takes a few minutes out of the day, and there’s no back-and-forth involved. Your customers also get that same hassle-free experience if they need to reschedule. If something comes up, they can easily move their appointment with the click of a button.

Get connected with the right person — the first time

With an automated scheduling system, you can automatically route customer appointments to the right team member based on criteria like location, type of service, and availability. This reduces the probability that a customer will accidentally make an appointment at the wrong location, or with the team member who isn’t actually qualified to solve their particular problem. After all, nothing is more frustrating than taking time out of your busy day only to find there’s been a mixup.

Appointment planning made easy

When a customer sets up an appointment through your automated system, they have the option of having it automatically added to their digital calendar of choice. That makes one less step for them — saving them time — and also makes it less likely that they’ll miss the appointment. Equally helpful, they can choose to have reminders sent via email or text. The automatic reminders are not only convenient for customers, they can also provide an incredible benefit to your company.

Kaiser Permanente found that mobile reminders resulted in 1,837 fewer no-shows

This saved the company around $275,550. An average of $150 per appointment.

A Great Customer Experience 

With automatic online scheduling, your customer can set their own appointment at their convenience. By providing a self-scheduling link embedded on your website, a reminder email or in a text, your customers can make appointments with your sales and support teams at any time, from any device. This lets them successfully take care of business at the moment that thinking about it — whether that’s in the subway on the way to work, on Sunday night when the planning for the next week, or at 3 AM while they’re browsing on their smartphone.

Your customer can also select to receive automatic reminders via text, email or phone. Thanks to a self-scheduling link, your customer can successfully connect with your company in minutes. You could cobble together a scheduling solution out of your CRM, paper, phone, email, and Post-Its. Or you could use a seamless solution that’s easy to install and configure. Save your energy — and your problem-solving creativity — for where it really counts: Giving your customers a phenomenal experience. 

With SUMO Scheduler, you get:

  • Ease of implementation with Salesforce® – find us on the AppExchange!
  • A single set of secure customer data, so there are no worries about syncing issues.
  • Detailed reporting and outcomes at your fingertips.
  • Simple integration with the solutions you already use, like Outlook.
  • Ability to install anywhere: Your Salesforce® Community, portal, website, intranet, social media sites, within automated emails, email newsletters, and more!