Leading Travel Management SaaS Company Extends Salesforce with Online Scheduling


The global support department of the travel and expense management SaaS company is responsible for providing support and product training to customers via client administrators. The team was managing incoming requests for training using Outlook, Excel, and email. As these tools don’t integrate with each other, booking appointments was highly manual, unscalable and open to errors. Both customers and client administrators were dealing with long wait times as there were multiple appointment initiation points that had to be monitored. Besides the service phone number, clients were also able to request an appointment from many locations on the website and within the customer portal. The company wanted to improve wait times by reducing the number of appointment initiation points. They also wanted to ensure that only designated client administrators were booking appointments within the customer portal.


SUMO Scheduler simplified the booking process giving the global support team a single tool to manage appointments and enable multiple systems to sync for full transparency across the entire department. SUMO features like Case Management and Pass-Thru on Case ID now allow the support reps to create appointments from a case within Salesforce. It also allows it to be booked back to the case for more effective case log maintenance. A trigger to pull in client contact information or assigned reps into a scheduled meeting keeps everyone on track.


The global support department can now view Outlook for Salesforce, Salesforce events and SUMO self-scheduled appointments on one single calendar. The opportunity double-booked or missed appointments is eliminated. The client administrators now have a greater flexibility in managing their company’s accounts. The global support team directly improved their wait times and after call work times with Salesforce integrated online scheduling. An additional outcome was the overall improvement of the customer experience.