Medical Software Company Evolves Customer Engagement


A leading software company offering training for medical professionals using their cloud based solution for documenting and managing patient care.  The team was managing incoming requests for training using Outlook and Excel, so booking appointments was an extremely manual process open to errors and duplicate bookings.  The company was looking to increase trainer productivity and customer satisfaction, by reducing the manual effort when scheduling a training session, allowing for more daily sessions.


SUMO Scheduler simplified the booking process, removed the need for excel, through its bin mode feature that allowed the scheduling assistant quick access to a group calendar view of the trainers that are able to facilitate a specific session.  Created an automated process that would cancel future bookings should a client decided to put the training program on hold.


The trainers and scheduling assistants are now able to schedule and host sessions with ease.  With the calendar, bookings and customer data all integrated within one system the company is now able to clearly identify trainer availability, utilization, and scheduling gaps.  Increasing productivity and reducing error.