SUMO helps Multinational BioPharma Company Deliver a Better Patient Experience


A leading healthcare insurance provider with over 2.9 million members and largest network of doctors has recently faced a growing demand for a branded online scheduling experience to successfully accommodate customers and prospects.

Besides aiming to capture important contact information such as email, age, and referral source, the sales team wanted to be able to quickly identify new contacts who entered the database upon scheduling a meeting. Sending reminders via email and text and allowing customers to schedule appointments based on meeting length and staff availability was another top priority.

To achieve these goals, the company needed a robust online scheduling software with greater visibility and capacity to accommodate the entire organization.


This Fortune 500 organization selected SUMO as their strategic technology partner because SUMO makes it easy to create and manage highly automated and personalized online scheduling systems in any digital environment.

SUMO worked closely with the organization’s sales and service teams to integrate a Salesforce-native appointment scheduler. Key features included branded pages, email templates, custom labels, and fields mapped to individual records. The improved classification was achieved by creating custom fields for contact details, referral source, and age brackets.

Additionally, SUMO helped set up a list of services that were mapped to the scheduling process. Custom fields created for individual service objects allowed a high level of appointment type classification and also provided transparency into reporting. Finally, the ability to set and define availability for SUMO Providers through work shifts inside Salesforce made it easy to optimize time management.


SUMO’s innovative technology allowed this health insurance company achieve high levels of customer satisfaction by introducing self-service scheduling tied to a specific retail center or virtual location. Today, customers are not only able to make appointments at their own convenience, but they can also receive customized reminders via text, email, and phone.

As for managers and employees, they can now organize services and associate them with appointment dependencies directly in Salesforce. Sales and services team members are enjoying a 360-degree view of all customer and appointment data from a single calendar with clean user interface.