SUMO Scheduler, a leading provider of Salesforce native appointment, event and course scheduling software, has announced its latest product release,  SUMO12.

The company has made significant enhancements to its Invite Manager, Online Scheduler, Event & Course Scheduler and Multi-calendar modules.

The latest release underscores SUMO’s mission to provide the most powerful and user-friendly online scheduling tools available. Through a combination of smart booking modules, advanced scheduling features, and powerful analytics tools, SUMO offers a simple, fast, and effective user experience that results in significant productivity improvements, higher customer satisfaction ratings and increased revenue.

With a customer engagement strategy that focuses on acquiring leads and building brand advocates, enterprise-level organizations can now achieve the maximum return on their digital investments. This is possible with SUMO’s appointment event and course automation platforms – designed specifically to help organizations thrive in a competitive business environment.



The latest release delivers a broad spectrum of capabilities aimed to simplify customer engagement:

Online Scheduler

  • Automate ‘field-service’ bookings
  • More custom fields
  • Use participant’s video conference
  • Upload attachments
  • Let customers add participants

Invite Manager

  • Room and resource search
  • Use participant’s video conference
  • Time-shot intervals
  • Recurring appointments
  • Enhanced mobile functionality


  • Single and recurring appointments
  • Drag-and-drop capability
  • Cancel and update reasons
  • Hover details
  • Right-click Menu

CEP Platform

  • ZOOM connector
  • 24-hour format
  • Duplicate rules
  • Limit appointments
  • Embed SUMO in Salesforce communities

Click here to view the full release notes for SUMO12.



SUMO Customer Engagement Platform is changing the way organizations engage with their customers. By offering cutting-edge technology and automated appointment scheduling solutions, SUMO allows enterprise-level sales and support teams to focus on what matters the most – generating new business and improving customer experience instead of managing existing appointments and routine administrative tasks.

SUMO’s omnichannel platform with powerful features such as automated reminders, customizable self-scheduling sites, and Salesforce-native analytics tools, guarantees an appointment with no overlap on any device and in any time zone. Trusted by leading organizations such as Amazon, Concur, and First Data to deliver an exceptional customer experience, SUMO completely automates appointment scheduling and delivers simple yet effective solutions for continuous business growth.

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