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The SUMO Affiliate Program

What is BOOST?

BOOST, otherwise known as the SUMO Affiliate Program, enables organizations and individuals the opportunity to promote SUMO and receive recurring revenue commission for the full ACV.  Refer new SUMO customers, we will demonstrate the SUMO technology, get them up and running, and generously reward you.  Win:Win.

Top 3 Benefits of BOOST

Up to 25% Commission

The #1 benefit is that our generous commission plan pays out up to 25% commission.  Considering we typically do most of the heavy lifting and you simply refer the buyer to us, the payout can be pretty good.

Complete freedom.

Once accepted as a SUMO Affiliate, you have the freedom to resell SUMO to the extent you wish.  There are no minimum requirements.  You may simply deploy our marketing materials on your web properties and sit back and wait, or you may choose to more aggressively sell SUMO.  You decide.

We make it easy.

SUMO does all of the heavy lifting for you.  We provide you marketing materials.  We provide the technology.  We support it.  All you do is help people understand how great SUMO is and refer them to us.  We handle the rest.

Is BOOST for me?

The SUMO Affiliate Program is great for organizations or independent consultants who have customers in any of our industries.  Due to the extremely large addressable market that SUMO serves, there are numerous markets to target.

  • Organization – Perhaps your organization sells accounting software to Healthcare organizations.  You join the SUMO Affiliate Program, conduct co-marketing campaigns to your existing customers, and receive up to 25% commission.
  • Independent Consultant – Perhaps you are a marketing consultant in the Financial Services industry.  You become a SUMO Affiliate, promote SUMO to your FinServ clients, and receive up to 25% commission.


Due to the enormous volume of partner inquiries and limited resources, we are accepting applications to become a SUMO Affiliates on a case-by-case basis.

Please provide enough detail about your business, its areas of focus, target markets and how SUMO fits into your strategy, so we can more readily assess your application.

Thanks for your interest!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I'm interested. Please help me understand the finer details.
What is the earning potential?
Generous Commission Payouts – For every referral you send our way that becomes a SUMO customer, you will receive up to 25% of the ACV (annual contract value). For example:

  • Refer a mid-market company with multiple locations that needs 30 SUMO Silver licenses.
  • If you are on the BOOST 36 tier, you will receive a total of up to $6,750 in commission.  This is calculated by taking the $75/user/mo X 30 users X 12 months = $27,000 X 25% (your commission) = $6,750.
How will I be enabled to succeed as a SUMO Affiliate?
All approved SUMO Affiliates will undergo training that will include product training and sales & marketing training.  You will also be provided marketing materials, to make it easy for you to promote SUMO and start earning recurring commission.
When are the commission payouts made?
Affiliates are typically paid within 15 days (30 days max) after the customer pays.  Customers are provided incentives to make 1 annual payment, or 4 quarterly payments.
Is there a conflict of interest if I am a Affiliate of a SUMO competitor?
We don’t believe so.  While we prefer loyal resellers who do not promote our competitors solutions, we also understand there is value in choice for the customer.  Therefore, it is your choice to promote SUMO alongside one of our competitors if you feel this is a strategy that best suits your approach.
I'm a technical consultant. Can I sell SUMO professional services?
Yes, please see the SUMO Consulting Program.