Event Desk

Check-in event attendees for event follow-up and metrics.

An Intuitive Event Check-In System

Rapidly check-in event attendees on desktop or tablet.

At the physical event, it’s critical to have an intuitive system to check-in attendees quickly.  By tracking who attended, which provides insightful data necessary for follow-up and success metrics.

Send a “Thanks for Attending” follow-up to those that attended and a “Sorry we missed you” follow-up to those who missed out.

Compare event metrics to better understand what is driving attendance from event to event, necessary to fine tune your success rates.

Core Capabilities

What makes the SUMO Event Desk so powerful?

Rapid Search

Search event registrants quickly by multiple attributes which are customizable, such as name, mobile, email, and more.

Real-Time Event Stats

Enable your check-in staff to be informed with real-time event stats, such as capacity, open spaces, check-in, waitlist, and more.







Register Walk-Ins

Quickly register walk-in attendees by collecting their contact details and check-in them in all at once.

Salesforce Native

The SUMO Online Event Registration Site is 100% hosted on the Salesforce platform, so you do not have to worry about website hosting, security, and more.

One-Click Check-In

Single click check-in registrants to move a line of attendees along quickly and minimize their wait experience.

Guest Management

If your event allows registrants to bring guests, such as spouse or children, then tools are included to manage guest check-in.

What are customers saying?


SUMO rescued us from manual processes!

SUMO helped us automate our advising session scheduling process with approximately 1200 students a year. Before SUMO we had to do this manually, a process that was time-consuming and subject to error. The seamless interaction between SUMO and Salesforce enables us to quickly send appointment invites, and easily know when a student has scheduled an appointment. The outward-facing interface is also very user-friendly which makes it easy for our students to schedule their appointments. 

We have worked with Sumo for outward-facing processes for 5 years now and would highly recommend Sumo to anyone looking for a great appointment scheduling solution that is natively built in Salesforce.

Rebeca Lamadrid

VP, Operational Effectiveness, The Washington Center

Great app for productivity & scheduling

I've managed our relationship with SUMO from implementation to today and can say that it's been such a huge benefit to our organization. As a growing nonprofit that places a high priority on leveraging technology to allow our direct service providers ways to do their jobs, SUMO was a natural fit for us. The implementation process was seamless as their team was always available and very easy to work with. We're now able to more easily set up and manage user schedules. And our favorite feature has been the self-scheduler which has completely streamlined the scheduling process for follow up appointments with clients.

Ashley Jones

Associate Director - Salesforce, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners

SUMO Rocks!

We use SUMO to schedule appointments with clients for certifications and client success appointments. The self-scheduling tool works every time and we have implemented wild card appointments to maximize our availability. We highly recommend SUMO due to the superior customer service and support! The level of support we receive goes above and beyond. Thank you SUMO for your support!

Greg Thatcher

IT Manager, Five Star Professional

This App has completely changed our processes

The amount of appointments that we are able to make has increased by over 70%. My agents no longer have to play the game of back and forth to try to find a time that works for both parties. This app has been a game-changer for our organization. My agents are now able to concentrate on other clients and communications knowing that they can send the scheduling message and the client is able to self serve.

Kerry Hoisington

Director of Customer Experience, Careerstep

Sophisticated, easy-to-use appointment tool

I've worked with SUMO on several engagements-they've always been very collaborative and customer-focused. Their appointment scheduler is robust and technically scalable, and the have strong online support. Happy to report positive experiences with them.

Jim Gilbert

Salesforce Consulting Director, Huron Consulting

Takes the headaches out of scheduling appointments!

This tool has helped our students schedule appointments with our reps at a time that is convenient for them. It has really helped us spend our time on the right students. Other great bells and whistles and smooth implementation!

Taylor Neece

Dean of Admissions, California Baptist University

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