Enterprise Platform

Compliant, secure, lightning fast, and extremely robust.  SUMO is built to scale.

Built to scale.

  • SUMO is built native on the Salesforce.com Enterprise Cloud Platform, ‘the world’s #1 cloud platform.’ –Gartner
  • Trusted by over 200,000 companies in over 100 countries with over 2,000,000 active users.
  • Includes over 2,000 add-ons, including document automation, electronic signature, iPad integration, and lots more.
  • Powerful APIs to integrate with your EMR, EHR, PM, or accounting backend.
  • The platform employs bank grade security with SAS70 compliance.
  • As a native salesforce platform application, our applications (and your data) inherit all the benefits of the considerable investments made by salesforce.com in infrastructure, data management, controls, security and certifications including Truste and ISO 27001.

SUMO Enterprise Features

All SUMO customers receive the following enterprise-grade features at no additional cost:

Always up and always on.

Built on technology you can trust.  View the “Real-Time Monitor” below to learn more.

  • Our technology is always up and always on.
  • Geographically distributed & monitored 24/7.

App Marketplace

Includes over 2,000 add-ons, including document automation, electronic signature, iPad integration, and lots more.

3 Platform Upgrades Every Year

Guaranteed three times a year there is a brand new winter, spring, and summer release of the platform technology SUMO is built on.  For our customers this means continuously new platform features, enhancements, and consistently state of the art security.


Powerful APIs

Powerful REST and SOAP APIs to integrate with your ERP, EMR, EHR, PM, Accounting, or any backend system.

ISO 27001 Certified Security

The platform has global audit compliance of ISO 27001/27018, which is valid until 2020.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

You can configure SUMO to automatically send you a full backup of your data frequently.  It’s your data and you always have full access to it.

Compliance Certifications

Salesforce.com has comprehensive privacy and security assessments and certifications performed by multiple third parties.


Security White Paper

Download the SUMO Security White Paper to precisely why SUMO is built on technology you can trust.

SUMO Support

Help when you need it.

Email, phone support, & SLAs.

From addressing inquiries about SUMO to assisting with configuration challenges, SUMO Support is here to help. You may visit our Help & Support Center or email support@forcebrain.com anytime.

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