Financial Services

Learn how today’s FIN SERV leaders are using appointment automation to drive revenue.

Online appointment scheduling for financial advisors.

Connect advisors and customers at lightning speed.

Deliver a personalized advisory experience, strengthen client relationships, and win more customers loyalty.  Appointment automation helps you remain compliant with DOL regulations, while also removing the friction and headaches found in the back and forth of appointment scheduling.

Meet Department of Labor Meeting Regulations.

New DOL regulations require yearly client meetings to comply.  SUMO helps you email your entire customer base with a “Schedule Now” link to schedule the meetings and provide the necessary tracking.

  • Automate scheduling.
  • Remain compliant.

Build client trust and loyalty.

Help clients schedule one-on-one meetings online.

Today’s customers schedule everything online from flight check-ins to haircut appointments and expect their financial advisor to let them schedule meetings online to get a guaranteed time with an expert.

Advise more, waste time less.

Financial advisors are known to spend up to 25% of their time scheduling and rescheduling meetings manually.  That’s nearly 3 months a year wasted.  Imagine the productivity gains by eliminating all of that phone tag and email tag with clients.

  • Happier advisors.
  • Better client experience.
  • Increased results and client loyalty.

Acquire more clients.

Referrals become clients faster.

Clients love organizations that remove the friction from appointment scheduling.  Convert more referrals by simply deploying “Schedule Appointment” buttons on your email signature, web site, customer portals, social media sites, and via various marketing campaigns, including mass emails.

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