After strong demand, SUMO has released our next generation calendar.

The Multi-Calendar is a new feature-rich module which enables SUMO users powerful calendaring capability for hosts, locations, and resources.

Connected Calendaring

Aggregate all of your users connected calendars into a single calendar interface for optimal control.  Supports connecting:

  • Microsoft Office365
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Google Calendar
  • Salesforce Calendar


Built for the enterprise, buy easy to use for any size organization, the Multi-Calendar allows organizing full user and non-user / resource calendars in any hierarchy you define.

  • Areas
    • Sub Areas
      • Locations
        • Hosts
        • Rooms
        • Resources
      • Unassigned
        • Rooms
        • Resources

For example, ABC Company may configure the Multi-Calendar to aggregate calendars as follows:

  • North America
    • New York
      • Manhattan Office
        • Hosts
        • Rooms
        • Resources
    • San Francisco
      • North Beach Office
        • Hosts
        • Rooms
        • Resources
  • Canada
    • Toronto
      • Toronto Office
        • Hosts
        • Rooms
        • Resources


SUMO Users may use the powerful filters to save collections of calendars by Team, Location, and more.  The Multi-Calendar includes support for custom fields also.


Use the “Generate Schedule” feature to auto-generate a schedule based on availability of the host, location, room, and more.

Additional Features

The Multi-Calendar comes packed with a ton of additional features, including:

  • Color Coding by Category or Custom
  • Day View, Week View, Multi-Week View, and more.
  • Advanced Search
  • Create Appointments, Events, Classes, or Blocks
  • Support for Hosts & Co-Hosts
  • Custom Fields

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